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Health and welfare benefits for PPWC Wage Caucus members are provided through the collective agreement. The welfare plan is governed by a board of Trustees, two union Trustees and two management Trustees. The Trustees select companies to provide the different benefits outlined in the Plan. A copy of the Plan Text, which explains all the benefits, is available here.

One of the tools the Trustees intend to use to assist the local health and welfare committees and to monitor the performance of the various benefit providers will be this confidential survey. You will only be asked to provide the name of the company you are employed with so that the results may be shared with your local committee. Any information you provide will only be used by the Trustees and shared with the local health and welfare committees and benefit providers to improve the delivery of the negotiated benefits.

Health and Welfare Plan Survey

  • If you would like to receive a response from the Trustees, please provide your email address below. Please note that the Trustees meet three times per year and the surveys are reviewed at the Trustee meetings prior to a response being issued, so some time may pass before you receive a response.


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