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Hello All,

I want to thank my nominator and seconder at the April National Convention for nominating me and believing I could take on the vitally important role as National 1st Vice President. I will strive to uphold that belief and let it translate into performing my duties and serving the PPWC membership to the absolute best of my ability. That is my first promise to you.

My plan over the coming days is to understand my role, what is expected of me, and map out a strategy to ensure a smooth transition. I will be meeting with President Kelly Johnson and 1st Vice President Geoff Dawe a couple of times to make this happen. We have already been in constant communication and laying the groundwork for taking on the responsibilities coming at us over the next while.

Once I have settled in, I will be opening a dialogue with all of the locals, engaging the Shop Steward training, and identifying opportunities for further organizing in all of our areas. Organizing from within, which is training and engaging new and old members, is critical to our future success.

From there, I look forward to bringing in new members, whether they are unorganized or already organized and looking for an alternative to the outdated, big business model of unionism, showing them how a sincerely independent, democratic, and most importantly, Canadian union, operates and enhances the lives of its members.

Please reach out to me if you have any ideas on how to strengthen and grow the Public and Private Workers of Canada and further engage our membership. I look forward to hearing from you and working hard for a more secure future and better life for ourselves and our families.

In Solidarity,

Chuck LeBlanc
PPWC National First Vice-President

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