By Past PPWC President Chris Elias and Past National Environmental Officer Stuart Blundell   The Public and Private Workers of Canada want to express our opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. We strongly believe

January 27, 2013

Winter 2013

Download Here Local 16 is on Strike for Fair Wages What is the Real Cost? PPWC Celebrates 50th Anniversary Locals News Wage Committee Finalizes Labour Agreement Text Provincial News BMW Filters Contain Canfor Pulp Products
  The Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC) believes that BC forests as a publicly-owned resource must be harvested in a manner that promotes sustainability, and healthy forests that are ecologically diverse. This would
Citizens throughout Canada are outraged by Stephen Harper and the Conservative government’s implementation of the 425-page omnibus budget legislation, bill C-38. With little time for parliamentary debate, the bill is a “Trojan horse” piece of
The term “solidarity” isn’t just a cliché. It is a fundamental necessity for students and working people throughout the world who want to create a fair and democratic society. This has been on brilliant display
Employees of Cole Harbour Place are preparing to be on the picket line tomorrow morning.  Last ditch talks between the community recreation facility and its custodial and maintenance employees broke down Tuesday when Cole Harbour
It was in 1963 that the Public and Private Workers of Canada was founded in British Columbia.  Through the leadership of Prairie-born Orville Braaten, an earlier union broke away from its American leadership to form
On March 12, 2012, Madeleine Parent, the founder of the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU), of which the Public and Private Workers of Canada is affiliated, passed away at the age of 93. In September
Well, a heck of a lot, actually.  Let’s run down a short list: [one_half]Weekends Paid vacations The 8-hour work day Ending child labour Work breaks, including paid lunch breaks Equal pay for equal work for
The PPWC organized another protest recently, calling on the provincial government of British Columbia to ban the export of raw logs.  Keeping raw logs in Canada would create and protect good-paying jobs in smaller communities
Dyless Munthali At the National Executive Board meeting in December, 1999, a motion was passed to sponsor a child through World Vision. Our sponsored child, Daniel Lapikaana, was from the Alor area in Indonesia. He
Download Report – Battling the Beetle: Taking Action to Restore British Columbia’s Interior Forests: Summary
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