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Employees of Cole Harbour Place are preparing to be on the picket line tomorrow morning.  Last ditch talks between the community recreation facility and its custodial and maintenance employees broke down Tuesday when Cole Harbour Place rejected the Union’s latest offer.

The only issue in the dispute is wages.  The 25 workers currently earn between $10.37 and $15.64 an hour.   They are looking for a total increase of $1.45 an hour over four years.

“These employees provide a valuable service to the community and are barely paid above the legal minimum wage, ” said John Hanrahan, President of the Nova Scotia Union of Public & Private Employees, a member of the Confederation of Canadian Unions.  “It’s disgraceful.”

Hanrahan says he doubts many people who use the facility know how badly the workers are paid.  “It’s not as if they’re looking for the moon here,” he said.  “They just want to be able to provide for themselves and their families.”

The Union is hopeful that Cole Harbour Place patrons will honour their picket lines and help end the strike quickly.

The Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees represents public, non-profit and private sector employees in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  For information please contact: Adam Panko, Business Agent/Lawyer, at 422-6055, ext. 25.

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