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Why join the PPWC?

We represent you.

In the PPWC, you and your coworkers best interests are represented in the workplace and at the bargaining table.

Our union is run by and for the membership.

Our membership has a say in all issues and have full power to elect the union executive by a referendum vote of the membership. Those elected are hard working individuals like you, who make sure that every voice is brought to light.

The Constitution of the PPWC is structured to maximize rank-and-file participation in National and Local Union affairs.

A biennial convention is held with representation from each local proportional to the number of local union members. During the convention, resolutions to amend the Constitution and promote social causes and political positions are vigorously debated.

We have many diverse locals in the PPWC that represent workers in a variety of areas:

  • Pulp mills

  • Sawmills

  • Healthcare

  • Community colleges

  • Manufacturing and recycling operations

  • Facility maintenance and operations throughout BC in every health authority

  • Insurance & credit unions

  • Taxi service dispatch

  • GTAP RCMP Headquarters operations

  • Aviation counter and field crew

  • Richmond Olympic Oval operations

  • Office staff in a wide variety of industries including trade unions

Questions and Answers

Can an employee be reprimanded for voting in support of a union?

An employer or a person acting on behalf of an em-ployer must

a) discharge, suspend, transfer, lay off or otherwise disci-pline an employee, refuse to employ or to continue to employ a person or discriminate against a person in regard to employment or a condition of employment because the person
i) is or proposes to become or seeks to induce another person to become a member or officer of a trade un-ion, or
ii) participates in the promotion, formation or administra-tion of a trade union,

b) discharge, suspend, transfer, lay off or otherwise disci-pline an employee except for proper cause when a trade union is in the process of conducting a certifica-tion campaign for employees of that employer,

Can the employer change my benefits or pension during a union certification drive?

No change during certification.

32 (1) If an application for certification is pending, a trade union or person affected by the application must not declare or engage in a strike, an employer must not declare a lockout, and an employer must not increase or decrease rates of pay or alter a term or condition of employment of the employees affected by the applica-tion, without the board’s written permission.

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