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Some of you may already know but Krista and Wes have received news that Wes has a tumour in his brain and will be undergoing surgery to have it removed. On August 29th, 2022, Wes began having symptoms similar to a stroke. His family rushed him to the hospital and he was seen by a doctor who knew Wes and knew that he was not “himself.” As you know, Wes suffers from epilepsy and has been to the hospital, countless times for it, so he is well known, there. As of late, he had been experiencing multiple new symptoms (headaches, for one) and all had been dismissed as being a part of having epilepsy. The doctors would suggest a change in his medication but not investigate any of his symptoms, further.

This time, one particular doctor witnessed such a drastic change in his health and personality, that he ordered testing, an MRI and Catscan which revealed a spot in his brain and on his lungs. The doctor delivered the devastating news that the spots looked ominous and not to be overly optimistic. During the last couple of days, Wes took a turn for the worse and lost all mobility and has been in excruciating pain. He has been transported to Victoria General and is undergoing an operation, on his brain, to try and remove whatever is in there (possibly on Sept 2, 2022).

This has been a devastating time for everyone; for Krista, Wes’s children, his mom and brother and for his friends and family. But, there is something so unexplainably heartbreaking, in talking to your sister and hearing the complete brokenness and she tries to imagine her life without her true love in it. Our mom, and sister (Shannon) have driven out to be with them and be a source of love and support but it is impossible to take away fear, uncertainty and heartbreak for Krista. She has asked for all the prayers anyone can give and/or positive thoughts ~ for anyone who isn’t a praying person.

A little backstory on Wes and Krista’s struggles: Krista has an autoimmune disease called Lupus, which she battles, everyday; going to work, caring for her grandbaby, being the best mom, wife and mother, all the while being in constant pain from her illness. Wes has had an uphill battle, with his employer, because they have not wanted him to work, after a shoulder injury and due to his epilepsy (after an on-site death of a co-worker who, also had epilepsy, the battle became even more difficult). He has not been paid, fairly, and his union has not been helpful.

As a result, they have been struggling, financially, and, so we are setting up this GoFundMe account to help cover the expenses that they will be facing. Krista will not be able to work, as much, as she supports Wes during this uncertain time. Their expenses will include travel to and from Victoria, to Vancouver, hotel and ferry costs, lost wages (from neither of them working as often) care for their son, Wessy, help with food, gas, home…we’re sure you can all imagine the reality of having very little income coming in and all of it, plus so much more, going towards his treatment and recovery.

We are hoping, as friends and family, we can all rally together and help them out during this heart wrenching time. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of our hearts!

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