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It has been one week since the members of Lantic Inc, Rogers Sugar, walked off the job and started picketing in front of Roger’s Sugar and surrounding areas. We have been overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from other unions as well as from the general public.

Over the past week, management has been attempting to run the plant. Some trucking companies have been removing sugar, in its various forms, from Rogers Sugar, even though we are outside picketing. We have declared a “hot goods” edict asking companies to stop their dealings with Roger’s Sugar until our members can get back to the bargaining table. This is not done by every company that deals with Roger’s Sugar.

Our members are very strong and united. We gave our pass 11 days ago as a last effort to get back to the table and the only communication we have had with Roger’s Sugar was to inform us that they were not prepared to take continuous shifting off the table. There are no plans to get back to the table, even though it has been reported that negotiations were ongoing.

The Rogers refinery in Vancouver looks after the West and Western United States. We don’t know how long this strike will last, but we are determined and together in our needs at the table. This strike has shown that. It is very rare to have a 100% strike vote, but our members did that.

Hopefully, Rogers Sugar sees what is going on and changes their demands. The stock price has fallen 6% in one week. Thank you to everyone for supporting our membership.


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