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We would like to thank all of the Public and Private Workers of Canada Locals, for their support.

On September 28, 2023, the membership of the Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 8, certification of Lantic Inc, Roger’s Sugar, as a result of our issuing strike notice, walked off of the job at 11:43 am.

After discussions with the bargaining committee of Lantic, during negotiations, the Company was proposing a Collective Agreement, with items that were brought up by the membership, as non-starters.

We told the Company, on numerous occasions, that we would not be entertaining continuous shifting and running the operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We have given the Company a number of solutions to the problem, to get more production, but we are guessing that they do not want to try any of them.

Back in June, we told the Company we would not be accepting continuous shifting and after 2½ months from bargaining, the Company came back with a proposal that included continuous shifting. September 23, we had a unanimous strike vote, 100%, and we warned the Company that this was happening.

On September 25, we informed the Company of the vote and the results. We waited for a response, did not receive one, so we issued the strike notice. While we are hopeful that we can get back to the bargaining table soon, to resolve this labour dispute, we are united.

It was overwhelming seeing the support and everyone walking out of the site at the same time. We are united, we are strong, we are one. This is taking a stand. This is Solidarity.

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