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October 24, 2023

Mike Walton, President and CEO, Lantic Inc.

Dear Mr. Walton,

The Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC), a proud member of the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU), is writing to inform Rogers Sugar, a division of Lantic Inc., that our executive board members, locals and entire membership throughout Canada stand in solidarity with our PPWC Local 8 brothers and sisters.

We will continue to support their job action and advocate on behalf of the Local 8 membership until a fair deal has been reached. With the cost of living and inflation where it is, the members deserve fair wages, benefits, and a favourable overall compensation package.

We also support their demands for a review and realignment of continuous shifting and 12-hour shifts. Many studies have been conducted over the years outlining the negative impact of shift work on the body clock, sleep, family, and one’s social life. The disruptions can result in acute effects on mood and performance, which may lead to long-term effects on mental health.

We have growing concerns about the overall health and welfare of the Local 8 members that needs to be addressed! Specifically, 72-hour work cycles. Currently, due to staffing shortages, and lack of adequate training, most workers have very limited time off work, which will continue to fracture and misalign work-life balance and expose the member to illness and injury that can and should be prevented. We advocate for a review of the current hiring practices and ask management to increase the overall workforce at Rogers Sugar, which will certainly have a positive effect on the overall operations and the members for years to come.

We would also like to highlight the extraordinary efforts of Local 8 members’ year over year, noting on average they work approximately 22-25% more overtime hours per pay period. This is time spent away from their families and friends, yet they do so willingly, even with the risk of physical and mental exhaustion – all in an effort to support the company by keeping the plant fully operational and profitable.

PPWC Local 8 has been overwhelmed by the support it has received from other PPWC locals, unions as well as from the general public throughout our country. Our members remain very strong and united.

We implore Lantic Inc. to recognize the dedication, support and commitment of PPWC Local 8 workers and engage in good faith bargaining in order to reach a successful settlement that will benefit everyone.


Kelly Johnson
President, Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC)

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